Mixed Starters per person £8.95

(Seaweed, Sesame Prawns Toast, Capital Ribs, 

Spring Rolls & Satay Chicken)

Jasmine Ribs £7.45

Duck Rolls £6.95

Vegetarian Spring Rolls £5.95

King Prawns Tempura £7.95

Chicken in Lemon Sauce £6.95

Chicken with dry chilli £6.95

Lamb chops in satay £9.45

Deep fried Scallops £9.45

Bean Curd with Garlic £6.95

Satay Chicken Skewers £6.95

Satay Beef Skewers £7.45

Prawn Toast £7.95

Spring Rolls £6.45

Crispy Seaweed £6.45

Peking Style Ribs £7.45

Smoked Shredded Chicken £6.95

Salt and Pepper Squid £7.95

Salt and Pepper King Prawns £8.95

Grilled Dumplings £6.95

Soft Shell Crab £7.95

Salt and Pepper Ribs £7.45

Sirloin steak in spicy sauce £9.95

Grilled Jumbo Prawns £9.95

Salt and Pepper Cray Fish Tails £7.95

Pork Dumplings £6.95

Pan Fried Scallops £9.95

Hot and Sour Soup £5.45

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup £5.45

Starters, Middle courses or Mains 

Quarter Crispy Duck £11.95

Half Crispy Duck £19.95

Duck Salad £11.95

Salt and Pepper Lobster £45.00

Lobster in XO Sauce £45.00

Lobster in Ginger Onion £45.00

Baked Lobster with Cheese Sauce £45.00

Crab with Ginger and Onions £17.45

Singapore Style Crab £17.45

Steamed Razor Clams £17.45

Steamed Jumbo King Prawns £16.95

Garlic and Chilli Jumbo King Prawns £16.95

Baked Jumbo King Prawns with Cheese £16.95

Garlic Butter King Prawns £16.95

Baked Scallops in Cheese £9.95

Steamed Scallops in Shell £9.95

Mongolian Lamb £9.95

Dim Sum Platter £9.95

Seafood Mains

Spicy Assam Prawns £13.45

Wasabi King Prawns £13.45

King Prawns with Ginger and Onion £13.45

Szechuan King Prawns £13.454

Sweet and Sour King Prawns £13.45

King Prawns Black Bean £13.45

Kon Sui King Prawns £13.45

King Prawns with Broccoli £13.45

Kung Po King Prawns £13.45

Mixed Seafood with Broccoli £15.95

Mixed Seafood Szechuan Style £15.95

Spicy Seafood in Clay Pot £15.95

Scallops with Pak Choi £15.95

Wasabi Scallops £15.95

Scallops with Celery £15.95

Scallops in Crab Meat Sauce £16.95

Scallops in Black Bean Sauce £15.95

Razor Clams in XO Sauce £17.95

Steamed Chilian Sea Bass £32.95

Chilian Sea Bass in Honey £32.95

Dover Sole Fillets in Mandarin Sauce £28.95

Assam Baked Sea Bass £18.95

Barramundi Fish in XO Sauce £18.95

Pan Fried Dover sole £29.95

Steamed Dover Sole £29.95

Baked Dover sole £29.95

Pan Fried Sea Bass £18.95

Steamed Sea Bass £18.95

Baked Sea Bass £18.95

Pan Fried Turbot portion £19.95

Steamed Turbot portion £19.95

Baked Turbot Portion £19.95

Meat Mains

Mandarin Fillet Steak £16.95

Sha Cha Rib Eye £14.95

Fillet Steak with Celery Salad £16.95

Black Pepper Fillet Steak £16.95

Crispy Shredded Beef £10.95

Beef in Black Bean Sauce £10.95

Szechuan Style Beef £10.95

Braised Beef Flank Szechuan £11.95

Fillet Steak with Mushrooms £16.95

Sweet and Sour Chicken £9.95

Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce £9.95

Kung Po Chicken £9.95

Lemon Chicken £9.95

Corn Fed Chicken and Mango £10.45

Soya Roast Chicken £11.95

Corn Fed Chicken in Basil £10.95

Szechuan Style Chicken £10.45

Braised Pork Belly £13.95

Sweet and Sour Pork £9.95

Double Cooked Pork £10.45

Sea Spiced Shredded Pork £9.95

Roast Duck in Orange Sauce £12.95

Roast Duck in Yellow Bean Sauce £12.95

Chefs Special Lamb Chops n£13.95

Malaysian Lamb Curry £13.95

Side and Vegetables

Pak Choi in Garlic £7.95

Baby Broccoli £7.95

Lotus Root with Asparagus £7.95

Three Style Mushrooms £7.95

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables £7.95

Braised Monks Vegetables £7.95

Braised Tofu in Light Soy £7.95

Braised Tofu in Black Bean Sauce £7.95

Spicy Mapo Tofu £7.95

Rice and Noodles 

Baked seafood Rice 9.45

Special Yung Chow Fried Rice £7.45

Salt Fish and Chicken Fried Rice £8.45

Steamed Rice £4.45

Fried Rice with Mixed Preserved Meat 7.95

Egg Fried Rice £5.95

Singapore Style Fried Noodles £8.95

Fried Noodles in Soy £6.95

Ho Fun with Beef £9.95

Egg Noodles with Braised Mushrooms £8.95


Coconut Pancakes with Ice Cream £5.95

Pan Fried Mango with Ice Cream £5.95

Red Bean Pastry with Ice Cream £5.95

Deep Fried Ice Cream £5.95

Lychees in Syrup £4.95

Toffee Banana with Ice Cream £5.95

Toffee Apple with Ice Cream £5.95

Ice Cream £5.45

Fruit Platter £5.95